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Odia Spritual Book Gupta Geeta


“Gupta Geeta” unveils the spiritual essence and eternal truths through its poetic compositions. Authored by Bhakta Kabi Balaram Das, a visionary poet of medieval Odisha, this book serves as a reservoir of divine revelations that transcend time and space. It delves into topics such as morality, ethics, spirituality, and the path to self-realization, offering profound insights into the human condition and our relationship with the divine.Bhakta Kabi Balaram Das was a master wordsmith, and “Gupta Geeta” showcases his unparalleled poetic brilliance. Through his exquisite use of language, metaphors, and rhythmic patterns, he weaves together verses that captivate the imagination and touch the depths of the soul. Each page carries the weight of profound thought and lyrical beauty, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the poetic world crafted by this literary genius.

As an integral part of Odisha’s literary and cultural heritage, “Gupta Geeta” is a testament to the rich legacy left behind by Bhakta Kabi Balaram Das. His works have not only entertained generations but also served as a source of moral guidance and spiritual inspiration. By preserving and studying this book, we ensure that the cultural heritage of Odisha remains alive and continues to shape the hearts and minds of future generations.”Gupta Geeta” acts as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and inner transformation. The verses in this book serve as a reminder of our higher purpose, urging readers to seek spiritual enlightenment amidst the transient nature of worldly life. Balaram Das’s words resonate with truth, guiding seekers on a journey towards self-discovery, compassion, and a deeper connection with the divine consciousness.

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