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Brass Bawl For Puja


Introducing our Brass Katori for Puja, a traditional and elegant addition to your religious ceremonies. Crafted with precision and care, this pital (brass) bowl is designed to enhance the spiritual ambiance of your puja space.Made from high-quality brass, this katori showcases a classic design that reflects the cultural heritage of India. Its smooth and polished surface adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

The versatile size of this bowl makes it perfect for serving prasad (sacred food offerings) during puja rituals. It can also be used for holding holy water, flowers, or other sacred items.With its sturdy construction, this brass katori guarantees durability, allowing you to use it for various occasions and celebrations. Its timeless appeal makes it a valuable addition to your puja essentials.Elevate your puja experience with our Brass Katori for Puja, a symbol of devotion and spirituality that brings grace and elegance to your religious practice

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